Info: The First Issue of Heart Science Journal

We are pleased to announce the launch of Heart Science Journal (HSJ) first issue. HSJ is an exciting online journal covering research activity in the broad area of cardiovascular medicine. The journal represents a positive move toward providing authors with a more convenient and efficient process to communicate research results to the global medical science community. With the goal to promote and amplify the voices and ideas of the research community, HSJ will put your work at the heart of the conversations taking place in the scientific community today.

A streamlined peer-review process, overseen by a leading panel of experts, ensures a fair and rapid publication experience. This process is then supplemented by a system of post-publication evaluation open to the entire medical science community, which allows an individual article to rise to prominence based on its own merits. In addition, all articles are published under a Creative Commons license enabling research results to be freely communicated and built upon while ensuring that copyright to the original work remains with the author.

Please click the issue cover on the right to learn more.